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The 3D lotto is an interesting game which allows players to become the lucky person who predicts the three numbers that are to be drawn at the end of the game in order to win magnificent prizes. In this game, the players are allowed three numbers between 0 and 9 randomly extracted, with several betting options at the players' disposal, for example, Straight, Rambolito 3, and Rambolito 6. Both the Straight as well as Rambolito bets are choices that are offered here. The Straight bet is different from the Rambolito bets in a way that the Rambolito provides participants with a chance to win even when the numbers they have selected do not appear in the exact order. Three-dimensional Lotto is drawn several times a day, something akin to responsible gamblers having very frequent opportunities to chase their luck and claim their well deserved life-changing prizes.

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About Us

Welcome to the World Gamble Club, a place where gaming achieves a perfect combination with global connection. Based on the idea of establishing a lively and amicable environment, our company has a great opportunity to present a high technology platform to gamers all around the world.

World Gamble Club, we are so enthusiastic because we want to build a place where players belonging to all categories can come and manually relish their favorite games. Whether you are an expert at it or a newbie, we assort everything from among our wide range of choices for you to choose from.

We are on the mission to offer unmatched fun of the highest level in continuation with safety, fairness, and reliable gaming processes. Utilizing our up-to-date technology, and implementing strict security precautions, we promise to provide the best and the most secure gaming experience for each of our members.

Besides the joy of gaming, it is in returning to the community. Our charitable undertakings together with our partnerships seek to leave society better and struggle to promote the causes that matter a lot throughout the world.

Come to World Gamble Club, and make a choice, it is a part of the worldwide community, the members of which joined in by only interests in gaming, mateship and safe gaming. Whether you are here for the rides, the social fellowship or the service opportunity, we would like to thank and welcome you onboard for this exciting ride.

Welcome to the club!


Mission Statement
From the very start, our aim at World Gamble Club has been to make accessible an online gaming portal that serves as a gathering place for people from all walks of life where you can feel secure and breathe easy. Also you can have fun while playing responsibly. We are committed to providing you with a wide variety of games of just the best quality, that operate well and are free of fraud in an environment that is safe and clear, thus, encouraging fair play, honesty and responsible gaming. Constantly putting efforts to improve our quality and achieve innovations, we hope to give the best entertainment experiences and in the process we are able to make a positive contribution to society through our charitable initiatives and community outreach programs.
Vision Statement
Our goal is to take the leading position on the market of online casinos, and by this we mean we will be acknowledged as the best provider, where players can be sure they will enjoy the really safe, fair, and socially responsible gaming. In pursuit of being a number one platform for players all over the world, we would like to be the one that plays known for its great diversity of titles, awesome technology, and incredible customer support. Through innovations and transformations to keep in pace with the evolving needs of our community, the journey is to always exceed expectations, and raise the bar of excellence of the gaming industry. Collectively, we imagine the answer lies within a World Gamble Club that is preserved to be a cherished and popular hangout for gaming fans where connections and recollections are readily made and shared across the whole planet nationally.

Become one of our agents and help us achieve our Mission and Vision. Click here to sign up as an agent or simply click on the button below. You may also Go to Blog and see more interesting reads about our casino.



This Agreement and this contract are the governing rules and conditions of your usage of the World Gamble Club website and services. The usage of our platform is subject to these terms every: if this is what they agree with. In that case, if you've got any disputes with any part of these terms, it is highly recommended that you refrain from using the services we provide.

1. Eligibility:

You have to reach the minimum age of 18 years and could also apply for different jurisdiction (and the gambling age of your place of residence). You accept that you are eligible for SPO classifying you meet the prerequisites only by using our website.

2. Account Registration:

World Gamble Club can grant certain features only to those who are registered with the platform. You are to furnish correct, complete and up-to-date information throughout the registration process and ensure the security of your accounts credentials at all times. The only person who should be responsible for everything that is going on with the account is you exactly.

3. Responsible Gaming:

We advocate for responsible gaming, so our users can be assured of the liability for their acts. Gambling should be used as one of the entertainment channels alone. It's not ok to use it in excess. So, we would like to remind you of the need to have limits while gambling. If you believe that you have a gambling related issue, it would be quite important for you to see a counselor from the appropriate sources.

4. Prohibited Activities:

You agree not to engage in any of the following activities while using World Gamble Club:

Breach of law and rules.

Employing our channels to support illegal transactions or activities.

Attempting to take over, change, or damage the apps or our services.

Sharing account passwords with those unauthorized persons or letting people access your accounts on their differences.

The thing that is usually involved is faking the results at all cost.

5. Intellectual Property:

All content, including company logos, brand names and software being featured on the World Gamble Club website, are the intellectual property of World Gamble Club or its licensors and are protected under intellectual property laws. Without the written permission of us you don’t copyright, use or spread any page from it.

6. Privacy Policy:

The privacy of our customers is of great importance to us. We kindly ask that you read through our Privacy Policy, and then be aware of how we collect, use, and guard your personal information.

7. Termination:

We at any time reserve the right to suspend or terminate your accounts and access to our services if you have abused these Terms and conditions or have violated the prohibited activities. The services provided can be also adapted or terminated without future warning.

8. Disclaimer of Warranties:

Our phone number is World Gamble Club: (+ 999) 888-555-0000. Services are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis without any warranties of any kind. Our platform does not entail any warranty regarding the accuracy, completeness or dependability of information provided.

9. Limitation of Liability:

World Gamble Club is in no way responsible for direct, consequential, special or punitive damages, including any lost profits or broken agreements, that may occur as a result of your participation in the services provided.

10. Governing Law:

All the legislation matters are to be settled in accordance with the jurisdiction and applicable laws of [specify the jurisdiction]. Any controversy or issues emerging on these Terms shall be decided in [insert location of jurisdiction], which will be the applicable court of jurisdiction.

11. Contact Us:

In case you have any questions or uncertainties about this Terms of Use, you can approach our support team by [mention contact information].

Through the use of World Gamble Club, you are considered to ally with the conditions presented in this Bulletin. Lastly, at our own discretion, we can make updates or modify the terms at any time and without giving prior notice. Just like in any case, we often amend these terms, so be sure to read this page again. Your continued use of the platform obtained by this update means that you're agreeing with and accepting such changes.

Please note that Terms and Conditions may also apply to our ongoing promotions. Go to Promotions and see ongoing promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the WGC? 

Its guiding principles include environmental conservation, social responsibility, and economic development. World Gamble Club is an internet-based gaming site that gives a user a big selection of the popular sports of the casino games, including pokies, table games. live dealer games, which can be used anywhere provided there is an internet connection.

2. Do I need to create one or how do I set up an account at WGC?

You can register an account through our website effortlessly by clicking on the "Sign-Up" or "Register" button. Fill up all the required fields to complete the registration process. Immediately after your account is completed, you can start your clicking and captcha tasks.

3. Everyday we use our credit cards to shop on the internet, or in online stores, but is this online gambling site the same?

We like this remark. We care much about the security and privacy of our players. Our platform exploits the highest degree of encryption to make certain each and every transaction, including the user’s personal information, is not compromised.

4. What sort of games is there on WGC for an online gambling aficionado?

Our game assortment is spectacular with slot machines, blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat and even more options. Accordingly, we not only operate live dealer games but also offer them to make the experience more game-like.

5. Could I be playing WGC on my phone ?

Absolutely, the platform is completely mobile-friendly depending on your taste and mood, helps with stress relief, social contact, and boosts your brain health. Go to our website from your cell phone by clicking on the search button to find our mobile-friendly tool.

6. Where should I send my money in order to open my WGC account?

We do not only provide the option of different deposit methods such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers and cryptocurrency, but fee relatively low fees. Easy -- click on the "Deposit" button, then refer to the instructions on how to make a deposit.

7. Are you eligible for any incentives or awards on WGC just handfuls?

Yes, apart from welcoming bonus, reload bonus, free spins, and loyalty rewards we give to our players there are a large variety. Keep watching our promotions page for reminders on the latest deals.

8. To make withdrawal: do I need to go to WGC and choose how I want to obtain my winning?

In order to use your money, go to the "Withdrawal" tab of our system. Inside, there will be different types of withdrawal, select the one that you prefer. Match the cues to fill out the cash-out request and you will get paid later on.

9. Are the customer agents reachable by me easily if any error happens?

Yes, by all means, we have an in-house, round-the-clock customer support team ready always to address all your queries and issues. You will be able to contact our support department via live chat, e-mail, or our phone number.

10. Would WGC be available where I live?

Restrictions of online wagering might be imposed by several countries and that affected us. Therefore, we will be open in many countries all around the world. If you want to read our terms or contact the customer support, go ahead.

Are there any affiliated or verified online casinos?

Yes, below is a list of affiliated and verified online casinos :

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Jackpot Capital, Grande Vegas, Slotastic, Weiss, Winport Casino, Fairspin Casino, Highway Casino, Comic Play Casino, Red Dog Casino, Aussie Play, El Royale, Bitcasino, Livecasino, Empire Casino, and Sportsbet.

The following are a list of our verified online Casinos in the Philippines:
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Go to How To Page for a step-by-step process on how to withdraw/deposit at World Gamble Club (WGC).